Here at the Friendly Dentist we are committed to understanding and meeting your needs as a patient.  We aim to provide a relaxed and friendly environment where your comfort and dental health are our priority.

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Q. Why is it so important to maintain dental health?

A.Maintaining your teeth and gums as you age is an important step in sustaining your general health and well-being. Whilst exercising, eating right and regular health checks . . .

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At The Friendly Dentist, we work with you to achieve a healthy mouth which is functional and looks great!

To achieve our goal we do this by:
- Listening to you and understanding you
- Providing your treatment to the highest standard
- Reviewing your dental health regularly
- Presenting you with a range of preventative and treatment strategies

Our Services include:
- Crowns & Bridges;
- Veneers;
- Restorations (fillings);
- Endodontics (root canal therapy);
- Dentures;
- Mouth Guards;
- Tooth Whitening
- Periodontics (gum infections);
- Emergencies
- Extractions
- Invisalign orthodontics (clear braces)
- Happy Gas (nervous patients)

With the Hi-Caps system, you can claim your health fund rebate immediately.

To enquire about any of our treatments or to find out what's best for you, contact us today at the Friendly Dentist!

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